Holistic Chiropractic Healing: How To Live A Healthier Life

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If you are worried about side effects of prescription medications or are interested in learning more about a holistic approach to healing, you will enjoy listening to this episode of Dr. Troy’s regular radio show on 93.9 KPDQ in Portland, Oregon below.

In this program, Dr. Troy explains how the standard medical model of prescription medication is not helping people toward wellness.

He gives examples of how a holistic approach to health using regular chiropractic adjustments provides normal spinal motion which is a pre-requisite for normal brain and nerve system function.

Audio Transcription

Are you worried about the side effects from all the prescription medications that you’re taking?

Right now, you’re going to hear why a holistic approach to healing can create miracles in your life.

[Program Intro]

What Is Going On Around Here?

I’ve got a great show in store for you today.  I have brought a lot of information into the studio and I want to share that information with you.

I’ve recently wrote a newsletter in my office entitled, ‘What is going on around here?’

I just want to start our show off  today describing to you what it is that we do in our office and really what our mission is for our community, the people in our community and across our country, even reaching out into the rest of the world.

In the last few months, a few things have become clearer to me as we continue entering this fast-paced busy world.

Americans Are Getting Sicker

We, as average Americans, are getting sicker, sicker and sicker.  I always ask patients, ‘How are we doing with our health as Americans?  How are we doing?’

Even a patient the other night was like ‘we are just sicker now than ever’.

In the past few months, I have seen some of the sickest patients I have ever seen in my last thirteen years of practicing specific scientific chiropractic care. People and families in our community, in Vancouver and Portland, Oregon and Washington; they’re hurting more and more than ever, and they really have no idea what to do.

That is why I get on the radio.

This lady asked me the other day, she said ‘Why do you always share the negatives about medicines and vaccination and all these stats on death and dying? Don’t you just fix bad backs? Isn’t that really what you do? You’re just a bad back doctor?’

And my answer is like, ‘Are you kidding me?’

I said, ‘Don’t you understand that the treatment of sickness and disease with medication and surgical procedures is the number one cause of death in America? Don’t you get that?’

I’m like, ‘Don’t you understand that that kills more Americans than heart disease or cancer?’  

I’m not just a bad back doctor, I’m here to share the information that literally can save people’s lives.’

And you know, somebody’s dying every 30 seconds because of medicine, that’s what the stats say, that’s the Journal of the American Medical Association says. It’s like ‘every 30 seconds, someone’s dying from that treatment or that condition or that disease.’

That’s not okay with me. Everywhere you look and every patient I meet, guess what? They don’t want to be on medication, they don’t want to have unneeded surgeries.

How The Medical Model Works – The 3 Steps

But the question is what are you doing to avoid it? And the answer for most people is not a darn thing.  It’s not necessarily their fault, but it ultimately leads to that. Guess what the medical model says that we should do with our health?

They say that we should only go to the doctor—when we what?—when we have symptoms—when we have a back pain or a neck pain or, you know, a bleeding ulcer or different things, if we have a headache or chronic pain or arthritis.

We go in to the medical provider—what do they do?—they diagnose us, meaning they put a label on whatever condition it is, right?

I’m not about, I’m not about not finding out if you have a disease or cancer or anything like that, but this is what we we’ve been trained to do.

Hey, I’ll do nothing until, what? Until it gets really bad, or I can’t breathe, or I have to call 9-1-1 and they’re wheeling me into the E.R. room on the gurney and this is when people hit the reality of; I should’ve taken better care of myself.

Step 1 – Prescription Drugs

So in the medical model it says if you have a symptom, condition or whatnot you do what? You do medication, you throw medication at it or throw some sort of chemical at it, and if the chemical doesn’t work, sometimes it might, sometimes it doesn’t,  in many cases it doesn’t, and you throw the chemical at it, what happens if it doesn’t work?

You go back to the doctor, or you call the doctor, and they up your dosage, right? That’s one scenario, or they change medications. And if that doesn’t work, then what’s next?

And some of you listening to this show, have been on the medical merry-go-round, meaning you’ll go to doctor after doctor after doctor, and they keep doing the same thing over and over again—more medication, change the dosage, oh!

Step 2 – Off Label Drugs

Let’s go off  label—I don’t know if any of you know what off label is, that’s where they really don’t know what the drug will, there’s no studies on—let’s say for example, you go in for high blood pressure and they’re like, ‘well, we’ve tried these other blood pressure drugs that we’ve done studies that actually have lowered blood pressure, but why don’t we try this anti-depressant, for example, and we’ve just known that some people have had lower blood pressure, but there’s no studies, it’s off label, so there’s no studies that really describe what that is.

Step 3 – Surgery

That’s another option, or, if that doesn’t work then we do some sort of surgery to try to alleviate those kinds of conditions.

So, in the medical model, it’s drugs and surgeries to alleviate conditions—that’s the definition of medicine! It’s doing treatment, with drugs and surgeries, to alleviate conditions.

What Is Health?

So, my question to you is what is health in that scenario? What is health? Wow. Interesting! Because that is my job as a Maximized Living provider, is to show you how to have a maximized life the way God designed us to.

Do you think God said, ‘you know what? I’m gonna design Americans to have high blood pressure, to be overweight, to have diabetes, to have chronic depression, to have arthritis throughout their whole body, and to have ravaging amounts of cancer?’ I think not.

I think that is what, you know, the devil has gotten in there and allowed us to do that.

But God’s body was designed perfectly to live to be 120, 130 years of age, without cancer, without heart disease, without diabetes, you know, without depression, without fatigue, without, you know, aches and pains like we have, without being tired all of the time, without all of these weird symptom-atologies.

And so, when I deal with patients that’s the hardest thing to get them to get them to do, is step outside of that model that we’ve been taught by our parents, by the TV, by drugs ads, by our doctors.

Our job, as Maximized Living providers, is to show you the path that God has lined out for you, in your health and your wellness.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people, that just they pray and pray and pray, because they keep going to the doctors and getting sicker and sicker and sicker. And then somebody shows them our office.

That’s why I get on this radio, and have a show, so that people can understand that there is hope. There’s life and there’s healing available, but you can’t do it inside of that medical model.

The Role Of The Medical Model

Not to say that the medical model is bad, the medical model is really really awesome at emergency crisis care, right?

You know, you get into an accident, you crash your motorcycle, break some bones, you know, they’re going to rush you to the E.R., they’re going to save your life.

Clearly, that’s the best part of medicine on the planet, any country; we are the best in emergency crisis care, but for restoring and regaining health, that medical model is a failing model. It’s the worst on the planet out of the top fifty world health organizations. Set out of the top fifty health care industries. It is the worst model.

Effects Of Cholesterol Lowering Drugs

Example 1 – Kidney Problems

So what is it that we do, what do we teach? I had a guy yesterday, to give you an example: John comes in, and said, ‘John, why are you wearing slippers, buddy?’

Big John’s an older guy, he’s in his 60’s, pushing 70 and he’s like ‘Well, I just got out of the hospital’.  

‘Oh my Gosh John, you’ve been coming here for two years, and you’ve been a patient regularly for two years’.  Why, I’m sitting there, and some of you are listening , ‘Why would he be a patient in a chiropractic office for two years?’ Well the purpose is to maintain the function of his nervous system, because that is where the healing and the health comes from.

But recently he had a visit to his medical provider, his medicine provider, and they provided him some cholesterol lowering drugs, because he had high cholesterol. That lowered his cholesterol, and then also lowered the functions of his kidneys. His kidneys actually shut down, so he spent a week in the hospital.

I was telling a nurse this yesterday, and she was said, ‘that’s normally not the case, it’s usually the liver with those cholesterol lowering drugs’. Well, in his case, his kidneys shut down.

I said, John, the problem isn’t high cholesterol; the problem is what else you’re doing to your body.

And I said, “We were keeping your nerve system working, but there’s something else going on to jack up that cholesterol, and we’re going find out the cause of it, right?”

We’re not just going to treat the effect, let’s go to the cause, what is causing your cholesterol to go up?And I was telling him, I said, “Cholesterol is protection. That is protection.

Example 2 – Lime’s Disease

A good friend of mine has Lime’s disease, he goes to his regular medical doctor, and he goes, ‘Oh my gosh, your cholesterol is through the roof, you need Lipitor, you need these cholesterol lowering drugs.’  

And Greg, he’s like, ‘That doesn’t make sense to me,’ so he goes to this guy that specializes in Lime’s disease and the guy says, “that is the last thing you want to do is lower that cholesterol with Lime’s disease, because that cholesterol is protecting your nerve system.”

Do you guys realize that 60-70% of your brain is made of cholesterol? So let’s lower that, what are you actually doing?

You’re actually sucking the cholesterol out of your brain, that’s not really good for health and function. ‘Cause you remember, as a Maximized Living doctor, we want your body to function and be as healthy as possible.

We don’t just want to treat the effects of symptom-atology with chemicals and see what happens.

So I said, “ John we’re going find you this book, there’s this other thing you can do to change your diet, we’re going to start working on this to find a healthier and happier life. That’s what we do in our office.

Improving Health: Chiropractic Care Examples

I have the last couple stories, we had a patient who told me that she that was told by two medical doctors, she would not be alive by next Christmas. She is now alive and well thanks to specific scientific chiropractic care.

A one-year-old with chronic ear infections, breathing problems, he was facing surgery, tubes in his ears, he was on multiple medications since birth. He is now functioning perfectly. I’ve been working on him two weeks with specific scientific chiropractic care.

So some of you sitting here, you know you’ve been suffering from low energy, fatigue, you’ve had multiple symptoms, you’ve got fibromyalga (by the way that’s just a label) you’ve got these things that you’ve been labeled as.

You are tired all the time, depressed, you’re stiff, your energy’s not right, you can’t sleep well, you’ve got numbness and tingling – you are the one that needs to call our office and schedule a time to see us.

Normally when you come to our office, we evaluate you, we do a case history, we take really specific digital X-rays to see right where the bones of your spine have shifted out of alignment and they’re starting to choke off the nerves. We’re the only doctors trained to look for this.



So, earlier we were talking about the maximized living model versus the medical model. And in the medical model, everywhere we look, our health is becoming worse and worse and worse and worse and worse.  

Where Does Medical Funding Come From?

I was asking patients the other day, I said, ‘Where do doctors get their training from?’ Where do most of them get their training?

From, like, a medical college, for example, Oregon Health Science University, where does funding come in many cases? Who teaches? You know, who teaches these things?

One thing you have to understand is that doctors are taught, typically, by instructors or colleges, and guess where they get funding?

They get them from drug companies. They get them from companies that make devices, surgical devices, or implants. Their money comes from these companies that actually will fund their teachings, so that they can teach how to use their products, if you will.

What Doctors Hate Most About Hospitals

One of the things, in Time magazine earlier in the year, they did a front cover article that said ‘What Doctors Hate Most About Hospitals’.

And it was an insider view of what can go wrong and how you can improve your chance of getting the right treatment.

The question, the front page of this headline says, ‘What Scares Doctors the Most?’ Guess what?  Being the patient, that’s what scares doctors the most. And it’s interesting to go, ‘Wow, amazing to think that being the patient, that scares doctors the most.’

And I was looking at U.S. News and World Report, this is front cover, they had Bernadine Healy, who was the director of the Red Cross, she’s a medical doctor, this was April 9th’s issue.

Her headline was ‘Cancer and Me’, it was interesting because she wrote a thing that said, she actually had a brain tumor. She said ‘this cancer was insidious, having grown to a near-fatal state without ever tipping me off’.


Why You Should See A Chiropractor

You know, people think, well I don’t have a bad back, I don’t have a bad neck, you know, why would I go to a chiropractor?

So, we can show you how to keep your body functioning to its maximum for the rest of your life.

Because the thing is, her husband, they read, Fred, he said, put it simply, ‘I want my wife back’.  I mean, what would Fred pay to get his wife back? What would Fred pay to help prevent that cancer? What would Fred pay to keep her in the game of life and health and healing?

I want to suggest that he would probably do just about anything, he would drive as far as he could, he would pay whatever he could, he would stop, you know, drinking and smoking and eating pizza on the weekends, he’d stop going out to dinners, he’d sell his cars, he’d do whatever he could to get his wife back to normal.

The thing is, I don’t want any of you to go through that, and I know some of you have experience, some family members that have had cancer or heart disease or have lost them.

But the key is, you’ve got to have someone who is teaching the maximized living model.

Chiropractic Is Not Alternative Medicine

It’s interesting, trends and alternative medicine, I don’t really like that word ‘alternative medicine’ because chiropractic isn’t an alternative to medicine, chiropractic is a way of life.

Alternatives to medicine would be nature, naturopathy that is an alternative to medicine. Chiropractic is a specific health care in and out of itself.

Consumer Spending Outside The ‘Medical Model’

But nonetheless, in 1990 there were 427 million visits to alternative health care providers, chiropractors being the majority of them, and seven years later, the number doubled.

In 1997, out of pocket expenses for alternative providers was around 27 billion dollars. That’s how much people were spending out of pocket to go outside of this medical model!

It was interesting to look at this thing, that says compared to the beneficial effects of what a wellness-based chiropractor can offer, with the rest of what they lump into alternative therapies, we are absolutely the most qualified profession to be leading the mass from the allopathic sickness to the holistic natural wellness care model.  

People are recognizing the value of wellness, taking care of the body and they’re willing to do what? They’re willing to pay for it.

Those of you who go, well if my insurance doesn’t pay for it, you know what, you’re going to stay right to that medical model, because that is part of it.

You need to find a provider, that’s what we do, we make care affordable so you don’t have to use the medical model, you can stay healthy, and then, you know what, it’s there for a back-up, in case you need it.

Shifting To The Chiropractic Lifestyle

B.J. Palmer says that medical men have always searched the world for remedies, desiring an antidote; chiropractors find the cause in that ailing person.

B.J. Palmer also said, this is over 60, 70 years ago, “In the future chiropractors will be valued for its preventative qualities.’  Do you hear that? For it is preventative qualities as much as relieving and adjusting the cause of ailments.       

Bill Koch, he’s a medical chiropractor back in the early 50s, ‘only when the collective consciousness shifts can we expect to have a healthy population.’

That’s why I get on the radio and share this information, because I’m encouraging you, and your family and your loved ones and our town and your community, is to get that shift in our consciousness.

People must change their current lifestyles in favor of a chiropractic lifestyle, not the medical life style, which means wait until you have sickness and disease to show up.

The chiropractic lifestyle, which includes good nutrition, exercise, and keeping the nerve system free.

Check this out and this is interesting, it’s people who are like I’ve got this disease or that disease.  

This is from Dr. Chestnut, he’s a medical scientist and a chiropractor up in Canada, ‘Chiropractors do not treat disease, we provide care to human beings. The adjustment is intended to restore normal motion and alignment in the spine and spinal joints. Whether or not this is the cause of disease is not relevant. As we understand as a profession, the normal spinal motion is a prerequisite, listen to this, normal spinal motion is a prerequisite for normal brain and nerve system function.’


‘Normal brain and nerve—that’s what will keep you alive and healthy for as long as God intended you to be. We can feel confident that normalizing spinal joints and motion has a positive effect on the human being as whole.

‘It is possible, through the function of a human being with or without a disease, eating a good diet is ideal whether you have cancer or not. Right? Whether you have cancer or whether your cancer is cured or not, from eating a good diet is an illogical measure of the benefit of a good diet. We just know, from deductive logic, that any chance at health is better with a balanced diet than without.

‘The same can be said about normal function of the spine and spinal joints and related tissues as it is related to the nerve pathways that are positively affected by the chiropractic adjustment.’

You see?

That’s why people need to be under regular chiropractic care, whether they have symptoms or not, whether they have cancer or not, whether they have headaches or not, because a healthy functioning nerve system is what runs and controls everything.

Eli Lilly Shareholders Sue Over Zyprexa

Interestingly, I was reading Shareholders File a Class Action Law Suit Against Eli Lilly, you guys have to understand what you’re up against here.

We know that medicine is now one of the biggest killers in America. Eli Lilly’s shareholders sued them because they claimed the company falsely and misled people concerning the blockbuster drug, their bestselling product, Zyprexa.

Because they knew -the drug company knew – that there was a clear link between Zyprexa and diabetes, yet they failed to warn the public. They failed to warn the public.

I would be scared about any chemical that you’re sticking in your body, because there are direct effects, and they’re direct effects, they’re not side effects, they’re direct effects.

You’re just hoping that Zyprexa would be an antidepressant but it was causing diabetes.

What else does Eli Lilly sell? They sell insulin. Wow, so, now they take Zyprexa, it causes more diabetics, they sell more insulin.

And they went on to say that they were engaging in illicit, off-label marketing programs, and the bottom line is that they fail to inform people. They knew these drugs were causing damage in people.

You know what’s beautiful about what we do? Is there’s no, there’s no direct effects, there’s no side effects, there’s only your body functioning at a higher level.

Benefits Of Chiropractic Care Compared To Prescription Drugs

The journal of hypertension came out with the study comparing chiropractic to blood pressure drugs. And chiropractic is not a treatment for high blood pressure, but what they found is people who are under regular chiropractic care, on average, compared to these drugs, had a lower blood pressure.

And Dawn, he’s a patient of mine, his wife sent him in, the guy’s been like, ‘I never go to a chiropractor, I don’t have a bad back!’

But he had high blood pressure, he’s like, I’m going to go to chiropractor and find out. The guy’s got a stressful job, and I’m looking at him, and I’m like, what’s causing his blood pressure? A stressful job.  

So I said, alright Dawn, you need to start exercising, how’s that been going? He’s like, good. How’s your nutrition? Not too good. How’s your spine functioning? Not too good.

So we start doing these three things, it’s been two weeks now, and guess what? He’s like ‘Ah, that feels so good’. What do you think that does to his stress, when he’s like ‘Ah, that feels good’? It reduces it.

Do you see how that could possibly affect the way your blood pressure, your heart, your nerve system functions?

I just had a really good patient of mine, he’s a realtor, he and his wife are good friends with one of their clients, and they were telling me about this one-year-old son they had.

The guy has been in and out of the hospital, he’s had multiple surgeries, he’s on multiple medications, and only a year old. He’s on six different medications, could you imagine that? Could you imagine your one-year-old being on six different medications, in and out of the hospital?

They’ve literally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, maxing out their insurance for all of these medical procedures.

And I said, and Gary, I told Gary ‘We need to get the little boy checked’. He’s like, I’m going to have you call then, and see what we can do.

And you know what, that’s what it’s about, it’s about, let’s get them checked to see what they can do. And one of the things they said, is they are like, we can’t afford to go to the chiropractor. And I’m like, you can’t afford not to.

I had another one, the same thing, she has been coming in for two weeks, the little boy is cleared up of all these things; she’d spent thousands of dollars in the hospital.

Special Chiropractic Offer

So, I’m just urging you, if you have kids, if you have family members, grandparents, parents, loved ones, spouse, friends, aunts, and uncles that are suffering that you know, you know, that they’ve just tried everything, I’m going to urge you to call our office. 877-4-DRTROY.

To see if chiropractic is right for you, we are offering a chiropractic neurological evaluation, spinal X-ray analysis, and a customized report of findings with a healing game plan, all for $47.

Thank you for joining Dr. Troy Dreiling for Today’s Health. That phone number again is 877-4-DRTROY.

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