Growing Pains Chiropractic Care

Children may have “growing pains” but these pains can also be due to the fact that their structure is out of balance. Chiropractic can help them function better and feel better naturally.

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Hey, everybody, it’s Dr. Troy here. The Vancouver Chiropractor.

A lot of parents ask me, hey Dr. Troy my son has a knee or hip or back or foot pain and the doctors say it’s just growing pains. I said, well that’s just a label and what about spinal dysfunction? What about joint dysfunction in those areas?

What we found in many cases if these kids who are growing,  you know if the twig is bent so goes the tree as we once said early on in my chiropractic career. So if a child is out of alignment when they’re little they’re going to grow out of alignment; and the more out of alignment they are the more repetitive stress they put on the body, the more they can experience these joint pains.

Kids aren’t going to go, mom I think my neck is out of alignment or my hip is out of alignment or my knee is out of alignment, they’re going to say oh I got growing pains.

What can you do about it besides give him anti-inflammatory? Well, chiropractic may have a solution. I’ve helped many children over the years with quote unquote growing pains due to the fact that their structure was out of balance and so chiropractic can help them function better, feel better naturally and parents are happy. That’s really what it’s about.  

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