Groin Pain Chiropractic Care

The source of groin pain could be that your spine is out of alignment. Chiropractic care can help relieve some of that pain.

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Hey, it’s Dr. Troy here in Vancouver, Washington at Zenaptic Chiropractic.

Today, I want to talk about the facet joint pain.  If you google it, there’s a lot of different things out there.  A lot of chiropractors talk about facet joint, facet imbrication.

What is a facet joint?

You’ve got 313 spinal joints and you’ve got multiple facet joints. Everybody is familiar with the disc. The disc is in front and if you got the disc and you spin the vertebra around, there are these two joints right here and if you see right there there’s that gap, open-close. That’s called the facet.

There’s a capsule around that.  That’s called the facet capsule that’s where all the pain fibers are, the majority of pain fibers.  There’s a debate on whether the disc causes pain, if there’s a disc issue or if it’s the facet.  The medical war on chiropractic says this is greatly overlooked and that facet joint pain is the most common cause of low back pain.

It’s mechanical in nature.  We call it a vertebral subluxation.  Some people break it out, they don’t like that word, so they’ll call it the facet, facet issues or facet joint pain.


Chiropractic has been shown, over the years, to be very, very effective, very quickly and at a lower cost than traditional approaches.  What we do is we find out where that vertebra is out of alignment, make the adjustment to help reduce the pressure and reduce the swelling.  When the swelling and pressure come off at the facet capsule you feel better because that is where the pain fibers are. That’s a little history on facet joint syndrome.

How do we check for it?  We do an examination.  We potentially take some x-rays.  We do a history to determine what’s causing it.  Is there any numbness, tingling, weakness, or radiation of pain?  Then we can determine if it is actually a facet joint problem and if it is, chiropractic is probably going to be right for you.

So you can come into the office, schedule consultation to see if you have this. I’ll be happy to help.  (360) 260-6903.