Gout Chiropractic Care

Gout usually shows up in an extremity particularly in the foot or the ankle. Sometimes you can see it in the knee or your pelvis. It’s not only your diet that can be the cause of your gout problems but a misalignment in your structure could be the problem as well.

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Hey, it’s Dr. Troy here.

Patients ask me about gout all the time. They will say I have a friend that has gout can chiropractic help, what would you recommend?

Usually, you’re going to see gout show up in an extremity particularly in the foot., the ankle, sometimes you can see the knee, your pelvis, but most commonly you’re going to see somebody present say I got gout so I can’t walk.

What it is, it’s a buildup of acid in the joints. People always say, well how did I get so acidic? Well, it’s usually the food that we’re putting in our body. Let’s not call it food let’s just say the garbage.

So where many people are eating a super-high acidic diet there’s things called nightshades like tomatoes and eggplants they can help create more of these acid crystals in the joints that can actually flare up and cause severe pain.

You know many times people will rush to anti-inflammatories or painkillers but I always recommend cleaning up the diet, putting in some green, anything green is very alkalizing it helps break up acid in the body. One of the great things that we mentioned is chlorella, we have chlorella. Chlorella is a whole food it’s chock-full of vitamins and minerals. It’s anti-inflammatory, got folic acid in it, it’s really good for just cleaning up the system and helping the body get detoxified.

So if anybody says I got joint pain and gout pain I always recommend getting them on a daily dose of Wuji Chlorella. We always say start the new year off right, get chlorella. You get it in your kids it’s amazing amazing amazing stuff. My kids take it every single day they’re hardly ever sick, they’re developing awesomely, so I always recommend people getting on chlorella.

The other thing too is if there’s a misalignment in the structure, you have postural distortions in your neck, your low back, your pelvis this could also affect joints and how they feel. Whether it’s your foot, your ankle, your knee, your hip, that could be associated with a gout flare up.

Your immune systems controlled through the dorsal spine through the mid back. If there’s pressure and stress and malfunction in those areas it can actually make you more susceptible. Not only to gout but to other things. You’re not going to adapt as good to the environment you’re in.

The whole purpose of chiropractic is to get you to adapt more naturally to the environmental stressors that are out there because we’re all subjected to thoughts, toxins, and traumas. We call it the 3 T’s. So the more we can reduce the toxic thoughts, the toxic food, and the traumas to our system the better off our body is going to be.

If you have gout,  you know somebody suffering from gout, tell them about chlorella tell them about chiropractic and see if it’s right for you.

You can always come to our office to get checked, consultations are always free.

This is Dr. Troy in Vancouver, Washington.