GERD, Sour Stomach Chiropractic Care

GERD can be caused if a misalignment in the spine irritates the nerves that go to the organs connecting to your stomach.  If this is the case with you then chiropractic care help.

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Hello, Dr. Troy here in Vancouver, Washington at beautiful Zenaptic Chiropractic.

Patients always ask if chiropractic can help with GERD and many times we can. People always say well what is GERD? I link it to saying it’s similar to acid reflux, sour stomach, you get indigestion, burping belching. So it’s kind of a wastebasket diagnosis.

This GERD thing,  it’s just a way to describe what’s happening in the body. The stomach is not happy you’re feeling upset, you’re feeling some issues with your stomach.

How does chiropractic help?

Well,  the first thing we look at is what controls the stomach, what controls the digestive system and clearly it’s the spinal cord, the brain, the nerve system. Grey’s Anatomy said the nerve system is the master controller.

So if we look at the autonomic nerve system we look at the gut, we look at the stomach especially the vagal nerve at the top here this is the parasympathetic branch of the innovation to the stomach.  Many patients they’ll have misalignments in their upper cervical area from falls, traumas, toxins, so that can adversely affect the function, the juices in the stomach the way it mobilizes food, the motility through the system. Then you can also have mid-back or dorsal issues which effects the sympathetic nervous system.


Most people are sympathetic dominant, they’re in fight or flight, it’s time to go go go, they don’t have time to calm down. Many patients who have reported having GERD or heartburn or indigestion or sour stomach or issues have reported relief with chiropractic care.

If there’s a misalignment in the spine irritating those nerves that go to those organs chiropractic care can possibly help.

If you’re interested in getting checked to see if chiropractic is right for you, call our office, be happy to schedule a free consultation.

This is Dr. Troy in Vancouver, Washington.