Fertility Issues Chiropractic Care

Sometimes a person’s fertility issues can be caused by a misalignment altering their nerve flow. In cases like these, chiropractic care can help.

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Hey, it’s Dr. Troy here.

I want to talk today about fertility and chiropractic.

A lot of patients ask me or they’ll say, hey you know we haven’t been able to have a baby for three to five years is there anything chiropractic can do? The answer is absolutely, there are things we can do to help get the body working in a better environment so that you can reproduce.

You know they say a third of women aren’t able to conceive children now. So one of the things we have to look at is is everything functioning properly not only in mom but in dad.

What we look for first is we look to the nerve system because if you look at the autonomic nerve system chart the uterus here is innervated by the nerves in the lower back and the sacral area. So if there’s an imbalance in that nerve flow, that could affect the function to the nerves that go to the uterus.

I’ll show you this model here. This is a picture of two bones and look here you see the nerves they are lit up green, if that bone gets out of alignment if we misalign that thing it’s gonna alter the nerve flow. So that’s going to adversely affect whatever that nerve goes to and if it’s a uterus, it’s ovaries, it may not allow your body to properly develop and produce a child.

I’ll tell you a story. I had a young skater who came to see me and she was very competitive, fell on the ice a tremendous amount of times, obviously, and she’d always land on her low back or hip. So when she came to see me she had a lot of chronic low back pain and one of the things I found out on our history is she had dysmenorrhea, seriously irregular menstrual cycle, she would have maybe one to two regular menstrual cycles a year, she could never get pregnant. Within about six months to nine months of working with her, she had her cycle back, it was normal so she would have her monthly cycle again and within three years she was able to conceive a child.

So, I always remember that story because I just looked at the spine and thought what could be causing the body not to be able to produce children and for her, it was misalignment to the lower back in the sacrum. It was affecting the reproductive organs.

So, if you know somebody who’s suffering, you want to see if they can get checked if we can help them.

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