Chiropractor For Anxiety

Anxiety and panic attacks can be attributed to a spinal misalignment impacting your nervous system.

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Hey, it’s Dr. Troy here, chiropractor for anxiety.   

You always say, “How the heck does chiropractic help with anxiety?” Well, we’ve got to talk about this because your nerve system is what runs everything.  So, we’ve found that people have anxiety type symptoms, maybe they have breathing issues, panic attacks, they’re always agitated, stressed, worried – something’s going on with the nerve system.  Usually there’s been some sort of trauma in the past, so they have a hypersensitive nerve system.

The Polyvagal-Theory book says that you either fight or you freeze.  That’s your body fighting.  Sometimes people become apathetic and they’ll freeze.  Here’s how this thing works.  You have the sympathetic nerves, if you look at my chart here, you have the sympathetic nerves, which come off the spine through the mid back.  Then, you have the parasympathetic nerves, which come up the spine in the upper cervical and the sacral area. For example, if too much information is in the sympathetic area, it is going to cause your heart rate to go up, to cause you have more rapid breathing, your blood pressure is going to go up, you sweat more, you get in this anxious state, this anxiety type of state.

One of the biggest things we’ll see, people’s spine is out of alignment, which is going to put stress on that system that controls that pathway, so you can have a heightened state of anxiety. One of the techniques we use, called SOT which stands for sacrum which is here [points to the diagram, near lower part of the spine].   The other the other one is 0, which is occiput [points to the diagram to the back and lower part of the skull].  So, sacrum and occiput.  The whole purpose of that technique, and there’s no thrusting with that technique, it’s all based on torque and using blocks and different maneuvers to help decrease the tension that is on the spinal cord.

So, if we look at your spinal cord as this dish towel right and you know if this was wet it be soaked. And if I took that that towel and I started to twist it, you see what happened.  It becomes smaller and it’s going to start to squeeze the fluid out.  That’s what the bones of your spine are doing if they’re out of alignment.  They’ll be twisting the cord and now you have less conductivity.  That’s where you can get some these anxiety symptoms.

What do we do? We adjust people.  We get them on up the SOT (Sacro Occipital Technic) blocks.  We get them breathing. Because breathing, six breaths in, six breaths out, that’s going to help calm down the sympathetic system.  I always tell patients who are stressed, “You really need to breathe.  Take 12 deep breaths, six seconds in, six seconds out,” and I said, “Anytime you feel stress, remain calm, focus on your breathing.”  If you can focus on your breath, it calms your mind, it calms yourself down.

The other thing we found is people are malnourished.  Malnourishment could be another cause of your fatigue.  You’re overloaded.  Your adrenal glands are shot.  Another great product that we recommend is people take Chlorella.  These are little green pills.  It’s chock-full of vitamins and minerals.  This a 15 pack [holds up pouch] and we also have another bag that has 500 in there.  Chlorella is a great whole food supplement.

I’ve had patients who come to my office have said, “Hey, I am depressed.  I’m on medication.” Then, they start taking Chlorella and they tell me that they’re reporting less depression or their depression cleared up.  Our whole focus is, again, getting the nerve system balanced, so the body can calm down and function like it’s supposed to.  It’s a fast-paced, busy world, but we say our adjustments are like little bits of heaven, where you come in, have a little downtime, get adjusted, calming the system down, so your body can adapt and you can function better and feel better for the long haul.

People always ask me, “Is it is anxiety a mental thing?”  The answer is, absolutely it is part of your mind. Mental thoughts, either are good or bad.   

If you keep repeating things like “I’m sick, I’m unhealthy, I don’t feel good, I’m tired,” you’re going to create that.  It’s called auto-suggestion.  But if yours if you say things like, “I’m healthy, I’m energized, I feel healthy, I act healthy,” even if you feel like doo doo, say things like “I feel healthy, I act healthy, I am healthy, I’m energized,” then your body starts to become that way. It’s called auto-suggestion. There’s a there’s a mind thing to it, but you’ve got to know that there are these people who suffer from anxiety, they’ve got to realize that there’s hope.  There’s a way to get out of it, but you have to change your thinking.  You have to change your pattern.  You have to change your physiology.

Exercise is another great thing.   Nutrition is huge.  Getting adjusted is huge.  Drinking water, hanging out with positive people, reading positive books, those are things that can help reprogram your mind and get your mind to auto-suggest that you are healthy, which you are innately designed to be.

This is Dr. Troy, chiropractor for anxiety and other things.

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