Chiropractor For ADHD


Many think that drugs are the only cure for hyperactivity, ADHD, and ADD, but chiropractor care can provide you with a natural way to caring for these diagnoses.

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Hey, this is Dr. Troy here in Vancouver, Washington.

I want to talk about ADD and ADHD.   

You know a lot of children, now, diagnosed with this condition are hyperactive and have attention deficit issues.  There’s a natural way to approach this thing because the traditional approach has been to prescribe medications such as Adderall or Ritalin, which kind of knocks the kids out and now they’re on drugs.

But what’s causing it? I always look at what’s causing it. You know you can treat it. That’s fine, but really what’s the cause? What we’re seeing and what I’ve seen is that is a lot of varying information, but it could be related to trauma, concussion type stuff.  It could be related to the birth process. You can’t just go it’s just this one thing. It could be trauma.  

When we look at trauma, parents always ask me, once they understand chiropractic and the role of the nerve system, “Is there a link between ADD/ADHD and interference to the nerve system?”

My answer is always, “Let’s take a look. We’ve seen cases with kids who have ADD/ADHD do better when they get adjusted.”  How is that possible?  Well, again, we’re balancing the nerve system; we’re balancing the Sympathetic, which are the hyper part of the nerves and the Parasympathetic which is the calming part of the nerves.  

Many of these kids are so out of balance because their structure is wound so tight that they can’t function properly. So, that’s one way we look at them. We examine them, we x-ray them to see.  

A lot of the research which I’ve seen is that it is associated with upper cervical interference, putting pressure on the brainstem, affecting brain activity and function.

One of the other big things is toxicity.  It is so toxic now. One of my patients the other day said, “My kid won’t eat.  He won’t eat anything.” A lot of the times, you’ll see parents where their kids only eat chicken McNuggets and french fries. There’s no nutrients in there.

A lot of this we found, that the researchers show that if you take kids off wheat off, off dairy, off gluten, they do better.  So what does that tell you?  It tells you their body is toxic and you’re putting more toxin in. So they are reacting negatively.  

One great tool we found is Wuji Chlorella.  It’s a whole food.  It’s been shown to help some kids with ADD/ADHD because they’re malnourished. If you nourish somebody better, they tend to do better. These are just some natural approaches to the alternative, which is medicine. If we can find a way to get kids healthier and more functional, that’s great.

Another good thing is exercise, sports. Our kids now, they don’t eat good; they sit; they’re more toxic now than they’ve ever been; there’s TV and their posture structure isn’t good. All these things can play a factor in helping the child with ADD or ADHD do better and improve their standing in life.

People always ask, “How long will it take to see results?”  Well, with medication, it might be immediate. It could be pretty drastic. It could be within one visit. It could be within a week. It may take longer, it depends if there’s a toxicity factor. That can take time to get out of the body, so nutrition is huge. Structure is huge. Getting them exercise, getting them moving, getting them involved is huge.  

Expect that it’s going to take time, just like anything.

If you have someone you know someone this is Dr. Troy, The Vancouver Chiropractor.