Chiropractic vs. Massage

Chiropractic care and massage therapy are separate and distinct professions but they work great together to help restore function to the body naturally.

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Hey, Dr. Troy here.

I want to talk today about chiropractic care versus massage therapy.

A lot of patients ask me what’s the difference? People will come in they go well it’s just a sore muscle. and I always go wait, wait , wait, it could be sore muscle but what innervates the muscle? They’re like I don’t know. So a lot of people don’t understand the neurology behind this thing.

So for a muscle to contract, the brain has to send a message out your spinal cord out through a nerve to innovate that muscle. So, the muscle is controlled by the electrical impulses that are sent to the nerve, so the muscle is contracting and relaxing and contracting and relaxing.

If you just massage the muscle that’s great; you can feel good, it can help break up scar tissue, you can help detox, it can help relax the muscle, it can create stretching so there’s a lot of therapeutic benefits to massage.

But, the key is if there’s a spinal misalignment which interferes with the nerve flow no matter how much you rub that muscle right, no matter how much you rub that muscle if that nerve is still irritated it’s still going to adversely affect the muscles.

What chiropractic is, it’s detecting and correcting of nerve system interference through the vertebra in the spine to help restore function. Whether it’s to a muscle, an organ, a system.

We like the approach of chiropractic adjustments with massage therapy. We tend to see the structural and postural deformities improve faster and more effectively when we combine these two together. They’re separate and distinct professions but I think conjointly they work great to help restore function to the body naturally and that’s really what we’re after here at Zenaptic Chiropractic.

So we have multiple massage therapist on staff we have a great chiropractor on staff and we’d be happy to check you.

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