Chiropractic vs. Acupuncture

The concepts of chiropractic and acupuncture are very similar on what our goal is, which is to restore balance and function in the body.

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Hey, it’s Dr. Troy here. The Vancouver chiropractor.

You know a lot of patients ask me, should I get chiropractic or should get acupuncture? What’s the difference?

I always look at it this way, I say what chiropractic works with is the central nerve system.


So we work with the brain, the spinal cord and the nerves that come off; the nerves that innervate muscles organs, systems of your body. To me, chiropractic is detecting and correcting those spinal imbalances which could result in ill effects of the body.


When I look at acupuncture, a really good friend is an acupuncturist and we’ve talked to said acupuncture’s more for the peripheral system. So you’re not working on the central nerve system directly you’re working on the peripheral nerves to get nerve channels flowing, get the energy flowing.


The concepts are very similar on what our goal is which is to restore balance and function in the body. So they work with meridians, different points in the body, that can be congested and create ill effects on your health too.

So I have patients that do both, we’ve seen great results. Some people are scared of needles so that may be a hindrance but for the most part chiropractic works on the central spinal cord, central nerves, the nerve roots. And then the acupuncture is going to help with the peripheral system to help in creating more integrative functioning physiology.

So, you feel better, function better and the cool part is it’s all-natural. If you’re interested in getting a chiropractic checkup, Dr. Troy here (360) 260-6903.