Chiropractic Low Back Adjustment – No Cracking or Force

Chiropractic Adjustment

Not every adjustment uses force, and not every adjustment will have that cracking sound that you sometimes hear.

Dr. Troy discusses adjusting the lower back with no cracking or force.

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Video Transcription

I want to talk about adjusting the lower back without using force and without hearing cracking sounds.

One of the things we start with is an analysis of pelvic dysfunction. We first check the patient and in this, she indicates a left short leg. I am going to place the patient on some blocks, this helps free up the sacrum which is a floating bone; they used to call it the sacred bone.

There are five vertebra that make up the sacrum and they fuse together after about 20-24 years of age. One of the things we want to notice when we put her on the blocks, we want to see if it is coming from the sacrum or other areas of the spine. We are going to look at L5 which is the last, lowest vertebra of the spine. I have her cough and her L5 actually moves up which is an indicator that her sacrum has gone into a flexed position.

Now we are just going to use light pressure and light force with the blocks just to put motion back into that. Sometimes we will use a light thrust but you will not hear any cracking sounds. I know a lot of people get scared of that so we just use a light gentle force. We check the leg-length and she balances out.

If the sacrum rocks into extension, meaning it comes backward, we’re will test the L5 by having them cough. If the L5 moves down it is a different adjustment we are going to use. If the L5 moves straight up it tells us that the sacrum is clear and we don’t need to focus on adjusting that to correct the discrepancy in the leg-length.

Over time, if a leg is short, it is going to torque the pelvis, torque the knee and the ankle. Over time that can lead to degeneration of the hip socket, cause knee, ankle or foot issues. It’s very important to get checked. This is one analysis we use.

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