Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy – Is It Safe?

Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Chiropractic care is safe for women and their babies during pregnancy. In fact, it can do wonders for pregnant women suffering from back, neck, and hip pain. Dr. Troy Dreiling explains how a pregnancy pillow can also help relieve pain.

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Video Transcription

Hey, it’s Dr. troy here of Zenaptic Chiropractic. After 22 years serving Vancouver, Kim from Vancouver had a question for me.

She wanted to know if it is safe to have chiropractic care during pregnancy. The answer is absolutely, yes!

Many women have suffered needlessly with back pain, hip pain, knee pain, even shoulder, and neck pain because of the strain that the extra weight is putting on their system while being pregnant.

You have to understand one thing, the whole purpose of chiropractic is the take the spine and find where these nerves are being impinged. So when the bones get out of alignment it is going to interfere with that nerve force.

We are going to use the bones as a lever to open up the nerve channels to open the switches up. Now if you are concerned about the baby, the baby is going to be sitting down here is the uterus inside this muscular cocoon that’s innervated by nerves. So we’re not doing any rough procedures that would even come close to disrupting the baby.

One of the things we use is a pregnancy pillow. The baby can lay on a pillow and the mom can lay face down which many times, especially in the third trimester they’re not able to do and they get relief just by laying face down on the pillow. That alone I think is worth the price of admission.

Then we look to see if the sacrum is in alignment because the sacral nerves could create sciatica. This gets twisted and out of alignment which is very common because people tend to have structural imbalances, even small ones and the more weight we put on the more we can exacerbate these imbalances and they come out.

When we’re in gravity, standing a lot, sitting a lot, it can bring out these weaknesses. So, we look to see where the joints are moving, where the spine’s functioning or not functioning and we do techniques that put motion back into the spine that feel good and relieve the pressure making momma and baby happy.

So absolutely chiropractic is safe, 100% for children, for mother and for newborns.

If you have a newborn, you’re pregnant, you want to get pregnant, you’re ready to deliver and that baby’s breach; we’ve seen great success with flipping breech babies using the Webster technique.

If you’re interested in getting checked out we’d be happy to help!

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