Chiropractic Activator For Newborn Babies & Infants

chiropractic activator used for adjusting babies, infants, newborns

Vancouver, WA chiropractor, Dr. Troy Dreiling demonstrates what a chiropractic activator is and how it helps gently adjust newborn babies and infants. If you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Troy, please call 360-260-6903. Located in Vancouver, Washington.


Video Transcription

This is an activator. It is a handheld instrument with a rubber tip and we use this for newborns sometimes.

Adjustments are very safe and very gentle. I have had three children and I adjusted them all right after birth.

This is an instrument we use. It is a light amount of force, we can set it for more force or lower force depending o the patient and what their needs are.

I usually hold babies when I check them. It’s very gentle, real light force; it doesn’t take a lot to get a baby’s spine to adjust. A lot of times you don’t hear any cracking sounds or any noise. It’s just motion that unlocks the nerve system so the body can relax and function like it is designed to. Mom and dad can get some sleep and the baby feels better.