Cervical Traction Rehab – Demonstration and Video

The patented Repetitive Cervical Traction device is used for loading and unloading to reestablish necessary motion in both the cervical and lumbar spine. FAT Traction is for patients with TMJ pain who cannot tolerate any pressure on the jaw or chin. The handlebar should be at shoulder height for the Standard Traction and at Chin height for the FAT Traction. Tall patients should tie a knot in the rope for proper positioning at home.


Dr. Troy here.

I want to talk about the cervical traction rehab. This is an amazing tool that we use in our office with our patients to number one – help bring back the cervical curve because a lot of people will develop that forward head posture from sitting at their computer or driving. This is a great technique to help restore that function.

It also reduces muscle spasms and can help with the discs if there’s disc dehydration. I see a lot of great results for people who have carpal tunnel, disc problems, or shoulder pain.

vancouver chiropractor dr troy demonstrates use of cervical traction rehab device_1

Vancouver chiropractor Dr. Troy Dreiling demonstrates the cervical traction rehab device
This tool is an amazing thing to use on a daily basis. You put it around your neck; it actually mounts to the wall. You can mount it with an eye bracket or a bolt or something. This is actually on a slide rail that I use, but this goes back behind your neck as far as you can.

You look up, this comes up and then you drop down and you do repetitions on the traction unit to help reduce the muscle spasms and the tension in your neck. You just, you just feel better.

So, I recommend everyone get one of these and put it in their house. They’re a great tool to use to maintain good spinal hygiene.

This is Dr. Troy, the Vancouver chiropractor.