Bursitis Chiropractic Care

Bursitis is inflammation of the fluid-filled sac known as the bursa. This will usually be associated with joint dysfunction as well.

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Hey, it’s Dr.Troy here. The  Vancouver chiropractor at Zenaptic Chiropractic.

I’ve been practicing over 24 years and I want to talk today about bursitis.

A lot of patients come in and say, “hey my doctor said I have bursitis.” It always makes me laugh whenever they hear this word “itis” at the end because all that is inflammation.

In your shoulder, your hip, your elbow, you have these fluid-filled sacs they’re called bursa and basically, they help reduce friction. They’re like little shock absorbers, little gel pads like you might put in your shoe to help reduce friction on your heel.

You have those on your shoulder,  your hip, your elbow. Now, if mechanically the joints not working right or it’s been overused those bursa’s can get irritated and they create inflammation.  So, that’s classically what the primary care doctors will say, hey you have bursitis.

But it goes a little deeper than that; because is the joint dysfunctional?  We always know if the joint is dysfunctional it is always going to have some sort of inflammatory effect too.

But, a lot of primary doctors they don’t look at spinal biomechanics. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had patients and they went to the doctor, they went to the ER, I said did they touch you like this? Did they evaluate you like this?  And, they said no.

Not they’re bad people it’s just, you know if you go to a dentist for a spine problem he’s probably not going to check your spine or if  you know you go to a foot doctor and you want your tooth looked at he’s probably not gonna look at your tooth and x-ray and start drilling on it. If you want to find out these physical issues, chiropractic might be the right thing to do.

So, bursitis is inflammation of the fluid-filled sac which usually we’re going to see an associated joint dysfunction, whether it’s the elbow joint, shoulder joint, or hip joint. Many times chiropractic, even massage can help reduce the effects of that. Ice, rest, stretching, adjustments. These are all things that can help support the body’s innate ability to naturally heal without using the medications.

Classically you’ll see if you have arthritis, you have bursitis, take these medications. But, really let’s address the root cause of what’s causing the problem.

That’s what we do here is at Zenaptic Chiropractic.  We look to see what’s causing the problem not just try to treat the effect of the problem. So, we’re after the cause to restore health naturally through the chiropractic procedures.

If you’re interested in getting checked to see if we can help you with your diagnosed bursitis pain or somebody suggested you have bursitis. If you’ve been doing a google search and you say oh maybe I bursitis, let’s check let’s see if you do and let’s see if we can help you.

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