Benefits of Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 has many health benefits, including boosting our health and chiropractic adjustments. In the video below, Vancouver, Washington chiropractor Dr. Troy Dreiling explains.


Dr. Troy here,

I want to talk about vitamin D3. It’s a supplement that you really need to take in your body regularly.
The sun helps produce vitamin D when you expose your skin to it, but what happens during the winter months in the North West? People get doomy, gloomy and depressed.
It’s a great supplement. There are many researchers saying vitamin D deficiency is actually the flu. It’s not the flu, it’s vitamin D deficiency.

This is a great product. There are 5,000 IUs in one little teeny capsule, great for children. A child’s maintenance dose is 5,000 IUs, which is one of these. If your child doesn’t like to take pills you can put it in a green drink, you just pour the powder right in or you can put it in a smoothie. Sometimes I just put the whole thing in there, shake it up in my drink and drink it that way.

Maintenance dose for adults is two of these. There are 120 capsules that will last you two months if you take two a day. Now, if you develop the flu or symptoms like the flu you want to mega dose 10,000 IUs per ten-pound the body weight. If you’re 200 pounds, you would take 200,000 IUs for seven days until you get over those flu symptoms. So you mega dose for seven days, it helps the body rebuild. There’s a lot of different health conditions; fat metabolism, people having issues with cholesterol. Vitamin D can help a lot of these conditions be resolved by regular supplementation. You see a lot of people’s mood elevate once they start putting vitamin D back in their body.

I recommend vitamin D for everybody as a daily supplement. Whether in the sun or not you need vitamin D. There are probiotics in ours to help it absorb better. D3 is synthesized by humans while D2 is synthesized by plants, so you want vitamin D3. It’s much better for your system, you’ll absorb more and you’ll get more out of your nutrition.

This is Dr. Troy talking about vitamin D3, put it in you.