Arthritis Chiropractic Care

Arthritis causes pain in your joints. Dr. Troy Dreiling in Vancouver, Washington explains the causes and care for arthritis.

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Dr. Troy here, the Vancouver chiropractor at Zenaptic Chiropractic located on Andresen and Fourth Plain in beautiful midtown Vancouver, Washington.

I have a lot of patients ask about arthritis. I get emails from people on the internet asking can you help with arthritis?

So if we break the word down it really means arth, artho which means joint,  and then you have itís; I always say Arthur and his four brothers itís because that means inflammation so if you really put it together in English, it means joint inflammation.

You could sprain your ankle, you could sprain your spine, you’re typically going to see some sort of inflammatory issue. Now there are three types of arthritis.

Degenerative arthritis is by far most common anybody over 30 is going to have. Probably some sort of generative arthritis in their spine. There is inflammatory arthritis and then there is also infectious arthritis, things like TB.  

In my 24 years, I’ve never seen a TB case. I have seen some psoriatic arthritis, some inflammatory arthritis, but the majority, over ninety percent of arthritis cases are due to joint dysfunction, joint trauma, irritation.

Now if you look at a patient maybe who’s 40 or 50, 60, 70, somebody who has some pretty severe degenerative areas in their spine that doesn’t mean they’re gonna be in pain. You could have a degenerative spine but not have pain.

Now, when you exacerbated a joint or  put too much stress on a joint; let’s say your neck or your low back, then you get an inflammatory response. So, that’s typically what people say, oh I have arthritis; and so that just means they’ve got spinal pain and got joint pain.

How Does Chiropractic Help?

One of the big things with chiropractic is if the vertebral shift out of alignment; there are lots of joints, there are 313 spinal joints in the spine. So if those joints malfunction, they get out of alignment, they are overstressed, they can flare up.

How does chiropractic help? Well, our job is to find out where the interference is and use chiropractic techniques, adjusting techniques that are very gentle and that feels good; I always say adjustment shouldn’t hurt they should make you feel better.

Now it’s common to see sometimes in the first few adjustments people can get sore just like if they went to the gym worked out for the first time in a year. They might experience some soreness but these joints of the spine they move freely if they’re uninterrupted but if they’re swelling or if there’s irritation in a degenerative joint you can create arthritis type pain which is classical you’ll see it on TV and they say hey take our medication.

That’s really not the cause, lacking medication, the cause is the joints don’t work right so chiropractic techniques can help in many. Many of these patients find relief naturally so they don’t have to see the over-the-counter drugs or prescription drugs.

That’s one of our missions, to help people live a healthier, natural, holistic life.


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This is Dr. Troy in beautiful midtown Vancouver, Washington.